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  • #9
  • I had this position as white while
  • playing a speed chess game on the
  • internet. I was not able to win it.
  • It always helps to go back and
  • look at positions that failed for
  • some reason and try to figure out
  • what you could have done
  • better.
  • The game proceeded ......

  • Kd5. Not much choice here.

  • Kc8. Black knows that he must always
  • move straight back if he want to
  • draw.

  • Kd6. But this will not win.

  • Kd8. Now Black has opposition. If
  • White pushes the pawn he will
  • stalemate black or be forced to give
  • up the pawn.
  • But there is a way that White can
  • reach this position with black
  • to move which will give white
  • the opposition and the win.

  • If we back up to this position,
  • what should White play
  • here?

  • The answer is that White is going to
  • triangulate between the
  • squares d6, c5 and d5.
  • There are a couple of key points
  • here....

  • White is going to reach the last
  • diagram with Black to move instead of
  • White to move.
  • Black can never go to c7 becaue the
  • move Kc5 would win easily for white.

  • Play will proceed....

  • Kd8

  • Kd4
  • It would not have mattered if White
  • had gone to this square first and
  • then c5 second.

  • Kc8
  • Black doesn't have the option of
  • triangulating himself. If he tries
  • to go to c7 then Kc5 will win
  • easily.
  • (Black might have an easier time
  • drawing if his king weren't confined
  • by the back rank.)

  • Kd5
  • Now we have reached the same positon
  • with Black to move. This makes all
  • the difference in the world.

  • Kd8

  • Kd6
  • Now White has opposition and will win
  • as follows ...

  • Kc8

  • c7
  • Oh what a difference it makes if it
  • isn't black's turn in this position.

  • Kb7

  • Kd7 wins easily. Note if Ka7 then White should play Kc6! because queening the pawn stalemates!

  • See the next section for more
  • complicated endgames.
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