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  • We are going to look at some composed
  • chess problems.
  • These lessons are substantially
  • different, because they
  • require for you to find mate in a
  • certain # of moves, and
  • the positions are unlike real games.
  • Nevertheless, I feel
  • that solving these (difficult)
  • problems can help improve
  • your analytical ability.
  • I have made an attempt to arrange the
  • probems from easiest
  • to hardest.

  • The great Paul Morphy (presumably)
  • composed this problem. There is
  • only
  • one move for white that forces mate
  • on the second move.
  • Mate in 2.


  • Do not scroll down until you have

  • given it a serious look.

  • Ra6 mates on the next move.
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