Entertainment Journey .com Chess Memorization list

Given the forgetful nature of human beings, it is helpful to have a list of things that we have learned and review that list.   I keep a well organized list where I move items from category to category depending upon how well I can remember them.   (If you are using notepad to edit the list then you can use the cut and paste feature to move text around.) (It is even more helpful to create the list in Microsoft Word because it will let you click on the web addresses below.)

To create your first list, go to your windows desktop, right click on it and select "new -> text document." Once you do this, the text file icon will appear on the desktop and the name below it will be highlighted.   Now you can change the name to "checklst.txt" Then double click on the icon and copy and paste the text below into the file.   Finally close the window and it will ask you if you want to save and select "yes".

			Once every day
(07-15) http://www.entertainmentjourney.com/g0005.htm
(07-15) http://www.entertainmentjourney.com/g0001.htm
			Once every two days 
			Once every three days  
			Once every four days 
			Once every five days   
			every 1 week / 7 days
			Once every 9 days  
			Once every 12 days 
			Once every 16 days
			Once every 3 weeks  /21 days 
			Once a month
			Once every 6 weeks / 42 days
			Once every two months.
			Once every three months.
			Once every four months.
			Once every five months
			Once every six months
			Once every eight months
			Once every nine months
			Once every ten months

I have already added a few items for you to start on your memorization list. Change the date from "07-15" to the date of today.  

For the first two items on the list, try to see if you can predict all of White's moves.   If you suceed, move the items down to the next category and set a new date to review them.   This web site contains quite a few middle game, opening, and endgame positions that you can add to the list as you find time.  

"It is easier to move lines from category to category if you know how to use the cut and paste features.   It is even easier still if you can do it with the keyboard controls.   To cut a line, first put the cursor on the line and then hit the "home" key.   Then hold down the shift key and press "End", then hold down the "Ctrl" key and hit "x".   Then to paste the line in the next category, hit the down arrow a couple of times, hold down "Ctrl" key and hit "v" and then hit "enter".   It is pretty simple Once you get used to it.  

So as to not get bogged down in memorization review, I recommend only adding 1 to 2 items per week